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                  Unmanned automatic car washing machine is really not simple, matters needing attention in car wash

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                  Good Cheyou Unmanned Automatic Car Washing Machine is a smart car wash terminal that integrates high-pressure water, foam, disinfection and vacuuming. It is self-service for 24 hours. It supports one-click payment for mobile terminals such as WeChat and Alipay. It is easy to use and only needs one shot. Operate the water-free foam to switch freely; use professional-grade car wash to protect the paint, and the cleaning effect is as new. From management to service, providing professional technical support, and strong operational support, it truly combines the intelligent car wash of Internet + big data to provide more auto aftermarket services for car owners.

                  First of all, car wash must use professional car wash liquid, can not use washing powder, and there should be a clear division of labor for the choice of car wash equipment, what is used to wipe the body, what is used to brush the wheel, wash the tires, must do Don't be confused, even if you use a towel, you should have a few different towels. The rougher ones are used to wipe the rims. The hand feels delicate and soft to clean the glass and the body. And whether it is car washing or cleaning the car, we must follow the principle of top-down. Maybe some car owners also like to come to a pre-washing process before washing the car. In fact, this is a very good habit, because if you wash it directly with a water gun, it will cause a negative effect, but the general vehicle, even if it is not pre-washed, Nothing.

                  The problems of cost, environmental protection and efficiency of the traditional car wash industry have not been solved, and they cannot meet the market demand. This is a huge gap in the car wash market. In order to solve the dilemma of ¡°difficult car wash, expensive car wash, long queue of car wash¡±, the shared self-service car wash industry breaks the routine because it is not limited by time and place; it saves the cost of site construction and personnel; it is convenient, environmentally friendly and economical. It has become an inevitable outcome of the new business development model.

                  As the saying goes, people rely on clothes and horses to lean on the saddle. After we bought a new car, many people also paid attention to maintenance at the beginning, but after a few muddy roads, they began to feel indifferent. I didn¡¯t go to the store to wash the car. It¡¯s just that I can wash it at home with water. In fact, this is understandable. After all, if it¡¯s just a little dusty appearance, I can get it at home. But do you really wash your car? Today, we will simply tell you about the small details of the car wash, because if you are not careful, it is possible that your car will be washed out by yourself.

                  After cleaning the body with a car wash sponge or towel and removing the stains, rinse it with clean tap water or descaling water. Perhaps after washing, many people think that it is enough to dry or dry the car. In fact, this is a big mistake, because at this time there are water drops on the surface of the car, and these water drops will be dusty. When the sun is shining, only the paint will be exposed to the spot. This is very ugly, so it is very ugly. After cleaning, we should wipe the body with a clean towel. Make sure that the entire car has no water marks after drying. At this time, the car washing work is completed, and it does not take much time. Therefore, since we have to wash our own cars, we must ensure that the car can maintain a healthy state after car washing, in order to effectively protect the car, achieve energy saving and environmental protection. money.
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